Fave Beauty Items from RoseGal

Today on the blog I'm sharing some of my favorite beauty and accessory items from RoseGal! Continue reading to get all the details!

Hi girls! I feel like I'm on a huge roll here with the blog posts lately and I'm excited to bring this one to you today as I'm showcasing some of my recent favorite products from Rosegal! 

I've been slowly growing my sunglasses collection the last few months so I thought it would be perfect to get this sunglasses rack. It was an easy process to set it up and within minutes my sunglasses were nicely displayed on top of my bookshelf and I was bouncing around happy that my sunnies were in a safe spot finally! Unfortunately, the rack is out of stock (I hate when that happens!) but I will definitely keep you ladies updated on when it comes back!

While still on the topic of sunglasses, I got this pair for less than $4 and I'm yet again shocked at how great quality it is! It's as sturdy as my other favorite one which you can check out here and I'm really loving how it looks paired up with some of my outfits. 

I think my favorite out of these items though definitely have to be these gorgeous marble make up brushes for less than $8. I couldn't believe how amazingly soft and beautiful they were when I opened the package and if you're on the lookout for some makeup brushes, get these! Seriously, you won't regret it! <3 

The last item I got was this silicone brush cleaner to clean the make up brushes. I normally would just use the e.l.f. brush cleaner spray and wipe it off on a towel but this silicone brush cleaner seemed easier and more efficient. Plus, how cute does it look?! 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you decide to pick one (or all!) of these items up. Happy shopping! xo

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