How I Stay Organized with Purposeful Planner + Stickers I Use

I'm so excited to share with you ladies how I stay organized with my planner and what stickers and acessories I use! Continue reading for all the details!

What Planner I Use & Why I Use It

I get asked a lot on what planner I use and I have the July 2016 - December 2017 Purposeful Planner. I had another planner I used to use but it was too small and didn't give me a lot of places to write down everything I needed. I'm the type of person who writes everything down, from ideas, what'll be on my menu for the day or the coming week, my financials, errands I need to do, blogging work, the whole lot. 

I definitely needed a planner for all of that and Purposeful Planner had exactly what I was looking for! I also really love how it has personal touches to it such as the first two pages where you can write in the details about yourself, your goals, what you want to be doing in 5 and then ten years, and even a page every new month where you can write down your dreams and goals.  

Stickers, Notebooks & Accessories I Use

I am seriously such a huge sticker user. I love stickers, can't and won't live without them. They just make my planner so much more colorful and add to it and I'm really excited to be sharing with you guys some of what I love and use! 

1. Lavenforest Fashion Girl Sheets (Lavenforest) - As a fashion blogger, these stickers probably have to be some of my favorites. I got a total of six and I love adding one or two of them to some pages in my planner. They are so pretty and I love how each girl has their own unique style. Vickie has some of the cutest stickers I've ever seen and she even has holiday bundles for Thanksgiving and Christmas which I'm crazy excited for!

2. Balloon, Coffee and Instagram Stickers (Design Sticker Prints) - You guys know I'm such a coffee lover so when these pretties arrived, my inner coffee fangirl was screaming in excitement. How cute are these sticker sheets? I'm so in love with the Instagram sheet especially and am already using it for my Insta planner page. Gyongyi has tons of other sticker sheets in her shop as well as bundles so be sure to give her some love!

3. Quotes, Weekend and Messy Bun Sticker Sheets ( Birds Fly Studio) - As someone who always has her hair in a messy bun, I can totally relate to the Messy Bun & Gettin' Stuff Done sticker sheet. Alissa is not only a sweetheart, but her stickers just scream cute and sassy! xo 

4. Bohemian Planning Stickers (Aurora's Heart) - Ugh, I can't help but go heart eyes over these stickers. I absolutely adore each and every single sheet I received from Cassie. Take a scroll through her shop and tell me you aren't going heart eyes either because her stickers are so creative and beautiful!

5. Winter Wonderland Sticker Sheets & Flamingo Pad (Mod Mode Designs) - With the holidays almost here, it's the perfect time to be getting those holiday stickers in and Inessa's stickers are so perfect for it! While I haven't used these stickers yet and am waiting to use them for the month of December in my planner, I have used her Workout Script, Camera Body, and Laptop stickers for my weekly schedule plans. The cute flamingo pad is also from Inessa's shop but sadly, I don't think it's in stock anymore on her shop as I can't find it! But, she does have other cute pads in the Planner Inserts tab so be sure to check those out! 

6. Book Nerd, Coffee and E-Reader Stickers (Peanut Butter Taco) - Not only does her shop have the cutest name ever, but her stickers are even cuter! While I may be a fashion blogger, my roots as a book blogger are still strong so these book nerd stickers are perfect for me. It seems like there's a whole lot of coffee stickers in this post too but I ain't complaining! ;) 

7. Traveller's Notebooks (Notes and Clips) - While I am a huge sticker lover, I am also a huge notebook lover. As I said before, I love to write everything I have in my head down on a piece of paper and I always keep these two traveler's notebooks with me. They are such the perfect size to fit into a bag and don't even get me started on the design of them because I will talk your ear off about how gorgeous they are! Linda now has the option to choose dotted line graphs or blank pages which is great if you prefer one of the two choices.

8. Flamingo, Bakery Pads (Persnickety Co) - Out of all the notepads I have, these have to be my faves! Just look at how adorable they are! I seriously can't get enough of them and I've already used up one of them already (there were originally four!) The awesome thing? I have a code for you lovely babes! Use the code Sassy15 to get 15% on your order!

I hope this post was useful to you, ladies! I'm slowly adding more to my organization and stationary collection as well as changing up my desk decor for the coming holiday season so let me know if you'd like to see another post on how I stay organized and the other things I use in my every day planning! Happy planning! Xo


  1. I feel as if I should have a planner and those notebooks are so cute!
    xo Yvonne

    1. Girl, you should! They are such a lifesaver! And aren't they?! Thanks so much for stopping by! xo

  2. I need to up my organization game! Those stickers are adorable!

    1. It really has saved my butt so many times by staying organized, lol! Thanks so much for stopping by, lovely! xo

  3. Oh I love this! I'm obsessed with planners, so I need to get this one!

    1. That makes me so happy to hear! I hope you enjoy the planner if you decide to pick it up! Thank you so much for stopping by! xo

  4. I love a good planner! I've never heard of the
    Purposeful Planner but it looks so beautiful.
    -Olivia Xxx


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