Christmas Gift Idea - Daniel Wellington Watches


For the past few months that I've been on Instagram, I've noticed that the Daniel Wellington watches have been a highly popular company. I was recently gifted a watch myself from them and today I'm going to share with you some of my latest shots featuring their watch as well as what I think about the product! For anyone contemplating purchasing a watch, check out the company's page here!

Box – The watch came in a cute little gift bag with a ribbon at the top and inside were two brown leather boxes. I thought they were the perfect look and sizes and they both fit well in my vanity make up desk. Inside the box you'll find a manual, a limited warranty card, as well as a screw to adjust or change the leather strap of your watch. 

Packing & Contents: Inside the leather boxes, I received my choice of watch which was the gorgeous Classic Durham 36mm ($199). After scrolling for a few minutes on the companies website, I came across that one and knew it was exactly what I wanted. It was classy, the colors match well with my outfits and it looked like it would catch many eyes - and it has! In another box, I was pleasantly surprised to see I got a bangle, as shown in the right picture. It pairs up well with my watch and I wear it almost all the time!

Last Thoughts: I think Daniel Wellington is a company that I will definitely go to again if I'm in need of a new watch or want to buy it as a gift for a loved one. The Classic Durham is the perfect one for me as is the bangle, and I'm love with them both! I would highly recommend Daniel Wellington watches as a go-to Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers! They are well priced, came in great packaging, and the watches themselves are fantastic. Definitely a 10/10 for me! 

Have a happy holidays!

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