#BookstagramLove - Sharing the Love of Bookstagram

Today is all about that #BookstagramLove! I'm sharing with you some of my top ten favorite bookstagram accounts. Make sure you have the app open so you can give these beautiful accounts some love!

If you aren't familiar with what bookstagram is, it is an online community of bibliophiles from all over the world who use the social platform of Instagram as a way to share bookish pictures with other bibliophiles in hopes to interact with others. Bookstagram allows book lovers alike to share book recommendations with each other, promote titles from their favorite authors and overall just let the creative juices flow into the art of photography.

Some of you may know that I LOVEEEEE bookstagram! I love opening the app up and looking at all of the gorgeous snaps of beautiful books and thinking "how do they do it?!?!" all the while giving my phone some heart eyes. So today I thought I'd spread the love by showing you my top ten favorite bookstagram accounts!

Alex's bright and fun personality definitely shows in her gorgeous bookstagram pictures! Check her out at @thebooksbuzz 

Oh, be still my heart! Just look at how beautiful and simple Carmen's pictures are! Cue the heart eyes! Check her out at @ohthebookfeels

The second I came across Carina's account, I was IN LOVE! So simple yet so mesmerizing! Def go show this girl some love by checking her out at @thefictionfaery 

I've been following Genesis for awhile now and I love how casual her pictures are! Show me your ways, girl! You can check her out at @lattenightsbooks

Abby's bookstagram is literally #Goals for me! She puts so much effort and thought into her pictures and they all come out looking gorgeous! Check her out at @crimebythebook

Crini's account has to be one of my absolute favorites because of how creative she is with her photos. She def takes the cake for this one! Check her out at @xcrini

Viktoria's bio says "ametaeur photographer" but she is so wrong because her photos look like so professional! I love how rustic and pretty her account is. Literally, I can stare at it all day. *heart eyes* Check her account out at @seelieknight

Another favorite of mine is Danielle's! Her photos are so natural and beautiful and her account definitely deserve all the love she gets! Check her out at @deckledpage

Last, but surely not least, I am absolutely in love with Angela's bookstagram page! She has such bright and fun photos that always brighten up my feed. Check her out at @perpetualpages

Total shameless promo here, but I also have a bookstagram account! I'm booked every day of the week on here and I'd be ever so grateful if you checked it out! Come get booked with me over at @sassyndangerous

Do you use bookstagram? Do you love it or hate it? Do you have any favorite accounts? Let me know down in the comments below!

Stay Stylish & Bookish,

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  1. This is so, so sweet of you Talina!! Flattered to be included with these gorgeous accounts. Thank you for brightening my day with this post :) see you on bookstagram! Xx Abby (Crime by the Book)


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