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Title: Eeny Meeny (Helence Grace #1)
Author: M.J. Arlidge
Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Mystery
Release Date: May 8th, 2014
Publisher:  Berkley/NAL
The girl emerged from the woods, barely alive. Her story was beyond belief. But it was true. Every dreadful word of it. Days later, another desperate escapee is found - and a pattern is emerging. Pairs of victims are being abducted, imprisoned then faced with a terrible choice: kill or be killed. Would you rather lose your life or lose your mind? Detective Inspector Helen Grace has faced down her own demons on her rise to the top. As she leads the investigation to hunt down this unseen monster, she learns that it may be the survivors - living calling cards - who hold the key to the case. And unless she succeeds, more innocents will die . . .

Eeny Meeny is an addictive and fast-paced novel with a strong female lead, a sinister killer and plot twists on every corner that will surely keep you on the very edge of your seat!

Eeny Meeny tells of  Helen Grace, a detective who is assigned to one of the most horrifying and gruesome cases she's ever come across. The title of the book comes into play when Helen and her team realize that a killer is playing a twisted mind game. Abducting a pair of individuals, the killer locks them up in a secluded area, with no way out. When the victims come to it, they discover a phone, a gun and a deadly choice. They must choose: will they die down there, alone and starving, or will one of them reach for the gun to end it all? Helen and the team must quickly put an end to the killer's game before more innocents die at the hands of this sinister killer out for blood. 

As a lover of mystery and thriller novels/shows, I was intrigued by Arlidge's series. From it's stunning cover to the intriguing synopsis, I was immediately entranced and decided to give it a shot. Best. Decision. EVER! 

From the very first page, I was hooked. The chapters, although short and always changing between multiple POV's, held so much suspense and packed such a shocking blow in almost every one of them, it was hard to keep up. This book in all, was a mind game to me because you couldn't stop wondering who would be the victim next, who was the killer, what choice was the victim going to make - all sorts of questions would be running through my head and as I said, it was a crazy mind game that just wouldn't stop! I loved trying to figure it all out before it happened and I simply couldn't put this book down for anything! 

Surprisingly, one of the many aspects that I enjoyed, that most people didn't, was how the author didn't focus on character development throughout the book. I know, it's sounds crazy, but hear me out: with a book that has over 120 short chapters as well as always alternating POV's, it's slightly difficult to develop characters. This novel was more of a thrill read, so it's understandable why the author didn't focus on the development of the characters. It didn't bother me a bit because the thrill of trying to figure out who the killer was and who would die next made up for that missing part. Another aspect that I loved about the book was how it had alternating POV's between many characters, so I had the chance to experience experience the story through multiple eyes. 

From it's many plot twists, a strong female main character, to the shocking killer's identity, Eeny Meeny is a novel that will leave you flipping the pages (or pressing that kindle button so hard you fear you might break it!) to find out what happens next. Long story short, I found Arlidge's book to be fascinating, with great characters and an insanely good plot and I will surely be picking up the next in the series!

What are your thoughts on thriller and mystery novels? Do you have any favorites or are you not so much into that genre? If you are, will you be picking this one up? Let me know down in the comments below - don't be shy, I don't bite! ;)

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