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I am literally jumping with excitement as I write this post today. For the last couple of months now, an idea has been running around in my head and with the help of the ever so amazing Kelly over at Diva Book Nerd, I am finally going through with it!

(P.S. Have you checked out Kelly's blog yet? What is life if you haven't? Go check her out now! She co-blogs Diva Book Nerd with the also amazing Kynndra, so go and give those girls some love! Don't worry, I'll be waiting here for your return...)

Even though one of my biggest passions in life is books, some of you may know that I also have a passion and love for fashion and cooking. Ever since I could remember, fashion was something that I loved and still do. Being able to put together an outfit - whether it be a casual look for running errands or a cute outfit for a day at the beach, fashion was always something that interested me. For me, every time I put on an outfit that I assembled, I feel confident - I feel like I can take over the world...after I finish visiting this cute little bookstore downtown first, of course. Not only do I love books and fashion, but I also love to cook and bake! Whenever I'm not reading a book or looking at the latest fashion trends, you can certainly find me in the kitchen whipping up a delicious storm of goodies.

So, with those three passions of mine...I've decided to revamp Sassy & Dangerous! Instead of my blog being focused just on books, I'll also be venturing into the fashion/lifestyle side of things, as well as cooking. What can you expect to see on Sassy & Dangerous? There will still of course be many book related things, there will be fashion talk which will include some of favorite latest trends, photo shoots of what I wore during the week, collabs with fashion companies, posts about travel, and even some of my very own recipes, along many other posts!

Now, even though I'm revamping Sassy & Dangerous, that does not mean this won't be a book blog anymore! I will always have a love for books and just because I'll be throwing more into the mix of S&D, doesn't mean I'll stop talking about, reviewing, or sharing my love for books. There will certainly be book reviews, blog tours, cover reveals and many other posts revolving around books...I just get to share my other two passions alongside the amazing world of literature.

Sassy & Dangerous has been my baby for almost two years now. We've had some ups and downs and I feel like it's now finally spreading its wing and branching into new things and new opportunities and I really am excited to see where it leads me. To my readers: thank you all so much for your constant support and always checking out my little ol'e blog. It means more to me than you know. To my new readers: welcome! I hope you love S&D just as much as I do and that you stick around. I guarantee you, it'll be worth it!

* I'd also like to take a minute to thank the wonderful Kelly over at Diva Book Nerd. She offered to help me with the entire revamping of Sassy & Dangerous and I couldn't be happier with the new look. So, major hugs and love to Kelly! Like I said, if you guys haven't checked out her and Kynndra's blog, you totally need to do so now. *

Stay Stylish & Bookish,


  1. Congrats on your new blog look Talina! It looks amazing and definitely suits the new direction of your blog. ��

  2. YESSS LOOKS AMAZING!! I can't wait for all the new content and the same thing is happening t me. ON my channel, I'm starting to branch out to different types of videos like lifetsyle and fun challengs. I wish you luck with these changes Talina <3

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz


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