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I am beyond excited to be partnering up with Betabrand today on Sassy & Dangerous! For those who aren't familiar with the brand, they are an online clothing community, based in San Francisco. They design, manufacture, and release new products nonstop. From dress pant yoga pants, to fun hoodies, this company has it all! Today, I've partnered up with them to give you some classy, casual and chic office looks! 

1. The City Chick Dress Outfit

Every girl needs a city chick dress look in their closet. It can go perfect for a day out to run errands, go shopping with your best gals or even for the office! A city chick dress is a must have in all of our closets!

1. OASIS Slub Jersey Dress (£38) -  After looking online for a large amount of time, I came across many gorgeous dresses - but this one caught my attention immediately. Everything about this dress screams professional, classy and chic and I love it! Not only can you wear this dress to a work area, but you can also wear it out for a day with your girlfriends, a dinner date, or if you need to run errands, this dress is definitely a perfect fit for all of those choices. The fabric of the dress is 95.0% Polyester and 5.0% Elastane and you can even throw it in the washer for a quick wash. All in all, this dress is definitely up my alley and soon enough, it'll be hanging in my closet, ready when I need it!

2. Charlotte Russe Almond Toe Platform Pumps ($39) - Everyone knows shoes are a girl's best friend. That, and chocolate, of course. With these classic white pumps, they can go with almost any outfit, especially a black dress. The second I slip into my high heels, I tell myself I can conquer the world and girl, let me tell you - even though they can be a pain in the booty, they do look mighty fine as you strut to your destination! If you're not really into the heels, no worries! White flats will also work perfectly for this outfit, no doubt about it.

3. The Cambridge Satchel ($159) - If you know me, then you know that I LOVE shoulder bags with a huge passion. Buy me a shoulder bag and I swear, I will love you forever. For an office look, these bags like these are the perfect match. It's small, it's easy to carry around and it'll hold all of your important essentials needed for the day.

4. Jenna Thin Silver-Tone Hoop ($20) & Stella & Dot Breezeblock Enamel Bangle ($59) - For me, I don't wear much jewelry. But when I do, boy oh boy does it add a nice touch to some of my outfits! With this black dress, gold and white definitely make the outfit pop with a nice classy touch. The earrings are a simple look, yet they scream fierce and confident, which is exactly what you want! The enamel bangle is also another complimentary piece to the outfit. As the earrings, it's simple and chic and it fits with the rest of the outfit!

1. The Casual Cali Girl Outfit

This is my 100% my go-to look. Whenever I need to run errands, I throw on this outfit and I'm out the door! Not only is a city chick look a must have for your closet, but so is the casual Cali girl look!

1. John Lewis Sleeveless Blouse ($52.00) - This outfit has me written all over it. I'm all about the casual and chic look and you'll almost always find me in a pair of jeans paired up with a cute blouse. With summer now upon us, I feel we should all have some cute sleeveless blouses hidden away in our closet. It's time to bring those out and pair them up with some outfits! However, if you don't have any sleeveless blouses stashed away and are on the lookout for some, this one seems like a pretty good addition to add to your closet, right? The second I stumbled upon it, I was in love! I'm not embarrassed to say that I ordered two. What? You can't blame it - that blouse is gorgeous!

2. Straight-Leg Gray Dress Pant Yoga Pants ($78) - The second that I saw these pants, my eyes turned all heart shape and everything! Because really - who doesn't want to go to work in yoga pants that look like dress pants? I know I would! These are the perfect match for classy, professional and chic! Sign. Me. UP!

3. White Harlea Cork Wedge Sandal ($79) -  Wedges are my absolute favorite type of shoes, so I knew I had to put them in this outfit. I choose the color white because it is such a nice color for the summer season. Pair it up with some light brown or gold and it'll be even better. These shoes can also go good with shorts, so don't be shy in pairing it up with another outfit!

4. River Island Beige Sunglasses (£18) - Sunglasses are my love, you guys. Like no joke, I have way too many sunglasses in my collection. But this specific one is like my baby. I use it all the time and I wear it everywhere I go! If you're looking for sunglasses that are affordable and cute, this is a must to get!

5. Daisy Dixon Kate Gold Bracelet Watch ($55)Lauren Ralph Lauren Textured Leather Skinny Belt ($38) -  These two accessories are the ones that will wrap up this outfit with a neat little bow. I'm not a fan of huge, bulky belts and this belt is just the right one for this look. Not only can you pair it up with some jeans, but also a dress, depending on the style of it. Either way, that belt is totally on my wishlist - cue the major heart eyes... and don't even get me started on that watch! Holy moly, it's gorgeous! The watch can also be used with any outfit for any occasion. I always try to remind people that color matters, especially when you're trying to put together an outfit. If you're going for a simple look, don't add to many bold or "out there" colors. Go for the simple ones such as white, light brown, gold, etc.. For this outfit, since I choose a white blouse, the watch adds a nice pop of color to the outfit, which gives it the suave look we're going for!

Even though I had many favorite pieces in these two outfits, the pants are definitely high up there for me.  If you're looking for professional, casual and not to mention super comfy pants, search no more! Though I have not yet bought this one, it has definitely landed on my summer must haves due to the raving reviews for it! If you're interested in checking them out/purchasing them, click here. If you have any questions about the items of the post, please don't hesitate to reach out - I absolutely love hearing from you guys! 

What is your favorite item from this post? Let me know down in the comments below!

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  1. I love seeing book lovers who also love fashion/style or beauty products too!
    I love your picks, especially the accessories. I did a bit of online shopping last week and I'm excited for my new items to get here :)

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed


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