Waiting on Wednesday - A Splash of Color + A Sassy & Classy Outfit!

Welcome to Waiting on Wednesday, a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spines. This meme is to talk about the books you just can not wait for to come out! This week I'm waiting on...

Title: Under Rose-Tainted Skies
Author: Louise Gornall
Genre: Young Adult, Mental Health
Release Date: January 3rd, 2017
Publisher: Clarion Books/HMH Kids
Norah suffers from agoraphobia, OCD and depression. Her life is one long blur of cheese sandwiches and trash tv, until she meets the new boy next door, Luke, and he starts to challenge her way of thinking.

Gorgeous cover? Yes. Intriguing summary? Yes. Hooked bookworm that needs this book like she needs air? YES!  The second I stumbled upon Gornall's forthcoming debut, I was instantly drawn in and I wanted to dive into the world she had created and I wanted to do it as soon as possible. There is absolutely no denying that Gornall's debut will have readers running for the bookstores when this hits shelves and devouring every single page in just one sitting! I know for a fact that this will be me! Under-Rose Tainted Skies is easily at the top of my most anticipated releases for 2017 (2016 for the UK!) and you guys should definitely be adding this one to your TBR as well!

Fashion has always been a strong liking of mine. I always loved getting to play dress up as a young girl, and I obviously still do! Recently, I've been creating some fun bookish outfits and as I prepared this post the other night, I just knew I had to include one for this book!

When I was trying to put together this outfit, I debated putting a pink dress to match with the watercolor splashes at the top. But as I played around with it, I came across a gorgeous blue dress and I thought the color and the cut looked so much better for many reasons. One of them being, blue is one of my absolute favorite colors! Another reason being, Under Rose-Tainted Skies will be released in spring of 2017 for the US, and with blue being a spring color, I thought it paired up perfectly. Not only that, but it was also a great match due to the color of the title!

Seeing as though pink is also a big part of the cover design, I went ahead and added some light pink accessories to the outfit. With the clutch/purse, I just knew it was yet another perfect match the minute I laid my eyes on it! I loved that it had a gold strap, which complimented the dress in so many ways and it also went well with the spring time, Not only that, but it paired up with the cover as well! With the earrings, I obviously couldn't resist putting them in this outfit, especially seeing as though the title is called Under Rose-Tainted Skies! (I swear, being a fashion design is just in my blood!)

Obviously, I didn't want to put too much pink to the outfit or else it wouldn't balance out evenly, so I decided to put in some cute little blue and white bracelets, just to spice things up a bit. I think the bracelets add a nice touch to the entire outfit and it still ends up looking super classy and flirty! Another blue thing I added would be the jean jacket. Sometimes during the spring, especially at night, it can get to be a bit chilly, right? So just slip on this super cute jacket and you'll be all warm and cozy while you get your copy of this upcoming debut signed by Louise herself!

Now remember, shoes are a very important key, ladies! If you are planning to walk for hours, you probably don't want to be in high heels, right? If you are planning to attend the launch party for Gornall's upcoming title (you totally should go, I know it's gonna be EPIC!) then these sandals would be a perfect for you! Your feet won't be aching like crazy while you wait in line, you'll be comfortable and what's even better? Your outfit will still be ON POINT and you'll be looking like you just came off the runway!

So that's what I'm waiting on this week, as well as a little special outfit! What are you waiting on this week? What were your thoughts on the outfit? Yay or nay? Let me know down in the comments below and feel free to add your WOW links!

Happy reading!


  1. Yeah I definitely think you made some great choices with the outfit. A pink dress would have been too matchy matchy I think! That dress is also in a color that I love and I'd really want to wear it myself. This outfit is a little bit sweet but even a bit edgy with the jacket!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Aw, well thank you! And yeah, when I thought about putting a pink dressed, it just didn't feel right, you know? But after seeing the blue one, I just knew I had to use that one! Girl, you and me both! I totally want to get the dress and wear it almost all the time, haha! So happy you like the outfit and thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. Great pick, Talina! This book sounds really good and I just added it to my TBR list. I love that outfit as well. :)

    1. Why thank you, Jess! Doesn't it? I absolutely love the sound of it and I can not wait for the release date! Aw, thank you so much! SO happy you love it. :) Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I've never heard of this book before, but you're right! The cover + synopsis are great! I adore the outfit you chose for it; especially the dress and the shoes. Very cute c:

    1. I'm so happy you think so! I am totally in love with the cover and I can not wait till I have a copy in my hands! Aww, thank you so much! It was so fun to make and I love that everyone loves it! Thank you so much for stopping by darling! <3


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