Aug 31, 2015

Meet The New Griffin Teen & Enter a Massive Sweepstakes!

Happy Tuesday!

Gosh, it's already September 1st! Can you believe how fast time flies? In only just a few short months it's going to be yet another new year and I don't think I can handle it! So far, August has been pretty great! I finally started a booktube channel, I've read over 6 six books, and I got to finish one of my most anticipated reads and absolutely loved it! It's safe to say that August was a great month, don't you think? Ready to hear another exciting thing? I think you are!

Now that it is September, that means everyone is heading back to school (or has already started!), and every new year comes a new wardrobe, right? Right! Griffin Teen didn't want to miss out on all the fun, and now their website has a BRAND NEW look and I have the opportunity to share it with you guys!

Doesn't that header look awesome?! I think so! 

If you don't know already know what Griffin Teen is, it is an imprint of St. Martin's Press, but it leans more toward the YA genre. To celebrate their new look, Griffin Teen is hosting a massive US giveaway and I know you guys won't want to pass up this chance! 


I highly recommend checking their website out because it not only includes super-exclusive and awesome content and chances to win free books but it's also a place to hang out with other awesome YA readers! Sounds pretty fun, right? Don't forget to sign up to their newsletter so you can get all of the super-exclusive content and sweepstakes info straight to your inbox! 

Happy reading! 

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