Summer Blog Tour Promo Week Three: Hiver & Cafe!

Happy Sunday! 

Stopping by the blog today is Ri over at Hiver & Cafe and she will be talking about some of her book boyfriends and why we should stay away from them! If you haven't followed her blog yet, you definitely should get that fixed! ;)

Hi everyone! I'm Ri from Hiver et Cafe! This post is about some of my favourite book boys and why they're MINE. *growls* 

One of my new favorite book boys is Elias from An Ember in the Ashes. Elias is a soldier for the Martials. He can fight and he's good at hiding his emotions due to his training. However, he's also got a lot of morals and reading An Ember in the Ashes just makes me swoon over him. Some of the interactions between Laia and Elias really just made me all melty on the inside and swoony like Laia. And  I mean, if you watch the trailer for An Ember in the Ashes, Elias's arms are most definitely swoon worthy. Mmph. 

Another one of my favorite book boys is Raffe from Angelfall.  Angelfall in general is one of my favorite books of all time and it's fitting that Raffe is one of my favorite book boys. He's obviously an angel, so he's gorgeous and tall and muscly in all his angelic glory. But my favorite part about him is that he's snarky and hilarious, especially towards Penryn. He gets pretty intense sometimes, especially around Penryn, and that intensity really just makes me all melty. 

Liam from The Darkest Minds series is another one of my favorite book boys. He's a blonde teen who's so sweet and kind to Ruby. He's one of those boys that are literally so good and sweet it makes your teeth rot. And while I usually am not that into book boys who are this ridiculously sweet, there's just something about Liam that makes me swoon and melty. He has a southern accent so when he calls Ruby, "darling", I just can't help but swoon. 

Thank you so much Talina for having me on your blog! 


I'm a Canadian teenager who is still studying her butt off in school. I enter my first year of University this year and I couldn't be more nervous. Due to my state of being a student, I try and make time to read as much as I can in between classes and homework and such things. I've been a heavy reader since I was a child and like my obsessions, books had faded into the background of my life for some time. I was reading, just not as heavily. However, with the discovery of book blogs, 

I was instantly hooked and created this blog, Hiver et Café in January of 2014. The blog is named after two great loves in my life: Winter and Coffee. So clearly, two things that I'm interested in are coffee and the winter time. Some other things that I love are crime shows (I have an unhealthy obsession), nail polish, Kpop, makeup, travelling (any chance I have to travel, I'll gladly take it), manga, Disney, graphic design and photography. There are probably other things too, but I am out of ideas at the moment.


Happy reading!

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