Welcome to the Witchlands - Why I Want to Become a Witchlander!

Happy Monday!

So today's blog post is going to be a little bit different. Different how? Different because, today I will be talking about one specific book, a specific street team, and a specific reason why I want to join the street team and to support this book. So, without further a due, grab some popcorn and prepare for a a fun ride!

Before I get into the reason why I am doing this, I want to talk about how I came across Susan's books. About two years before I started blogging, a friend recommend me Something Strange & Deadly by Susan Dennard. At first, I was a little hesitant because I'm not a huge historical fiction fan, but... I ended up loving it! The cover design was gorgeous and the writing style and the characters were simply mind blowing. Basically, I loved it all! 

Now flash forward two years and a few months later, I created my own Twitter. That was when I found out about Truthwitch, a new series that is being written by Susan. I was so amazed by the cover and the summary of the book that I definitely couldn't pass up adding it to my TBR list and requesting an ARC copy! 

If you haven't heard already, Truthwitch is the most anticipated book of the year in the book community... but the bad news? It doesn't come out until February of next year!

Although it makes me sad that it will be awhile until it comes out, I have heard nothing but good things about this book and it makes me even more excited to pick it up! 

Not only did I come across the book, but I also found out that there is a Twitter account just for Truthwitch updates! I learned that every Tuesday (which we call #TruthwitchTuesday), Susan and the Truthwitch Updates account will post something about the book, whether it be a sneak peak, a playlist, a giveaway or something awesome! 

But last TruthwitchTuesday got everyone in a crazy frenzy. Instead of Susan and @Truthwitch sharing something with us, they wanted us to share why we wanted to join the Truthwitch street team! We are given the chance to share why we want to join, with a graphic design, a tweet, a tumblr post, etc... And this Tuesday, Susan and @Truthwitch will hand-select 15 entries their decisions will be based enthusiasm! 

And from those 15 entries, they will randomly choose a single winner! But what does that lucky winner get? They get to be the first member of the street team,  they will get to pick a page from Truthwitch which Susan will share next Tuesday, and they will get a never befor seen Truthwitch poster!

(Instead of this feeling like a contest, I'm pretty sure everyone felt like they were in the Hunger Games!)

Like I said before, I am such a huge fan of Susan, so I of course could not pass up the opportunity to show my love and excitement for her and her new book! So, below is my entry into this amazing contest! I hope you enjoy it and please do feel free to let me know what you guys think! 

I want to join the this street team because when I grow up and show Susan's books to my kids, I will be able to say that I was a Witchlander and that I helped support an amazing book!

Are you guys excited for Truthwitch? What do you think of the video? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below! :)

Happy reading!

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