Mar 24, 2015

| Review | Numbers Game by Rebecca Rode

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I feel like crap that I haven't posted a review in for a little while, but with my exams quickly approaching, I've got to focus on that a bit more than everything else. But once school is done with, you can bet my nose will be tons of books this coming summer!

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Title: Numbers Game (Numbers Game #1)
Author: Rebecca Rode
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Dystopia
Release Date: March 10th, 2015
Publisher:  Diamond Patch Press

Treena is nervous for Rating Day. A single number will brand her forever—a valuable citizen, or a pathetic waste of space. Her top-Rated boyfriend is confident their scores will coincide so they can attend the academy together. But when the big day arrives, her true number shocks everyone.

To get her life and boyfriend back, she must go undercover and expose a military spy. Doesn’t sound too hard, except that someone wants her dead. And then there’s Vance, the mysterious soldier with a haunted past and beautiful brown eyes. Together, they discover a dark numbers conspiracy, one that shatters the nation’s future. Treena must join up with Vance if she is to survive the dangerous game of numbers—and the terrible war that rages within her heart. 

Fans of the Hunger Games trilogy will love this young adult novel, Numbers Game!  

When the author sent this to me for review, I was extremely excited. I thought the cover looked gorgeous and the synopsis interested me, so I dove in as soon as I got it.

In a way, this book definitely reminded me of The Hunger Games, and it made me wonder if the author just wrote her own version of it; but nonetheless, it made interested to read it.

The author's way of writing captivated me from the start and made me picture everything perfectly. From the ratings on everyone's forehead, to the buildings in the city and to the the entire city of NORA, I felt like I was in the story itself and that was my favorite part of this book. Being able to imagine everything so vividly as if you are the character yourself is... just beyond words. 

Diving into the first chapter, we first meet Treena. When first coming across Treena, I liked her. I found her to be a smart, funny and an enjoyable character. The only thing I didn't like was how she trusted too easily and that obviously didn't work out to well for her, with people wanting to kill her. Eventually, I started to like her and I'm excited to see how she develops in the second book.

Now here comes the love interest, Vance. Vance is the guy who is angry at the world and everyone in it and quite frankly, I didn't like him as much as I had hoped. I disliked his attitude toward everything and everyone, how he thought he was all bad ass when in fact he was just a stuck up jerk half the time. I'm hoping in the second book we get to see somewhat of a different side to this character and that he develops more. 

The hardest part about this review was deciding whether or not to give it a 4 or 5 stars. I had to give it a 4.5 stars because of the romance. The thing is, there was no romance. Just because the guy comes in the bathroom to talk to you about your loss, does not mean you are in love. 

These two characters have only known each other for two weeks, have barely gotten to know each other, yet they already have feelings? I felt as if the author wanted to either speed it up to get the readers going or just wanted to add a bit of spice to the book. Either way, it wasn't working for me because it wasn't believable. 

Overall, I liked the concept of this book and I'm definitely looking forward to reading the second book, and I hope the romance, and the characters improve a bit more. 

Numbers Game was an entertaining, quick read and I'm interested to see how the second book turns out!

What do you guys think? Will you be picking this one up? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Happy reading!


  1. I hope your exams go well, and you're right - they should come first! In fact, I have only just made my instagram account as well, so I am glad we're following each other on there as well. As for the book I have seen this around but it's the first review I have read! It does sound good and although I might compare it to HG as I read, and I didn't really love those books so maybe I will like these more.

    1. I hope so too! My Mom has yet to grade them, so I am anxiously waiting to see what I got! I'm glad we are following each other on there too. :) I'm happy that my review for this book was the first you read! ;D You didn't like the HG books? I liked them, but it wasn't a fivestar for me. This book does have a similar plot to the HG books, but, it was good nonetheless.


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