Book Blast: Stellarcardia by Julie Anne Grasso & Giveaway!

Happy Friday!

It's finally Friday! Today has definitely been a wonderful day. I got a lovely surprise in the mail which made me jump up and down excitedly! I'll take a picture for you guys to see tomorrow since it arrived late in the evening.

To make my day even better, and hopefully yours, I'm here to talk about the third book in the Adventures of Caramel Cardamom, Stellacardia! Don't forget to enter the giveaway below!

Title: Stellacardia (Adventures of Caramel Cardamom Book #3)
Author: Julie Anne Grasso
Genre: Middle Grade, Adventure, Fantasy
Release Date: December 24, 2014
Publisher:  Independent

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Caramel Cinnamon is one lucky elf. She can hardly believe has been invited to attend the first Intergalactic Youth Summit, on-board the Stellarcadia.

Her friends can’t wait to go “hyper,” but even the thought of it chills Caramel to the bone. However, nothing could compare to the icy reception she receives upon her arrival. Keen to get to the bottom of it, Caramel stumbles on a dangerous conspiracy, but no one will believe her.

In the exciting conclusion to The Adventures Of Caramel Cardamom Trilogy, Caramel will have to do more than outwit her enemies, she will have to convince her friends to take her seriously. 


"The book is also a perfect mix of magic, science, and technology. Don’t be surprised if readers get to use their imaginations and learn something. Julie Anne Grasso has proven herself to be an original and versatile author..." ~ 5 Stars, Ilana W., Amazon
"Couldn't put it down." ~ Jemima P., Goodreads

With a background in paediatric nursing, Julie Anne Grasso spent many years literally wrapping children in cotton wool. 

Every day she witnessed great courage and resilience from the tiny people she cared for, which inspired her to write stories to encourage and entertain them. She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband Danny and their little girl, Giselle.

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The Secret Diamond Sister Series Turns One Year Old! Enter to Win a Paperback!

Happy Wednesday!

Today is such an exciting day for author Michelle Madow and her fans! Being a huge fan of her Diamond Sisters series, I couldn't help but to post something to congratulate Michelle. 

So to wish Courtney, Savannah, and Peyton a wonderful birthday, I am giving away my paperback copy of the first book in this series! Below is the giveaway and good luck!

Title: The Secret Diamond Sisters (Book #1)
Author: Michelle Madow
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Chick Lit
Release Date: February 25th, 2014
Publisher:  Harlequin Teen

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Savannah. Courtney. Peyton.

The three sisters grew up not knowing their father and not quite catching a break. But it looks like their luck is about to change when they find out the secret identity of their long-lost dad—a billionaire Las Vegas hotel owner who wants them to come live in a gorgeous penthouse hotel suite. Suddenly the Strip's most exclusive clubs are all-access, and with an unlimited credit card each, it should be easier than ever to fit right in. But in a town full of secrets and illusion, fitting in is nothing compared to finding out the truth about their past.

Title: The Secret Diamond Sisters (Book #1)
Author: Michelle Madow
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Chick Lit
Release Date: February 25th, 2014
Publisher:  Harlequin Teen
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All-access doesn't mean no problems.

The three Diamond sisters survived the summer in style after coming to live with their long-lost billionaire father. But making a place for themselves at their exclusive new Las Vegas private school is throwing them any number of gold-plated curves. Savannah's YouTube stardom turns into a Sweet Sixteen reality show extravaganza—with complimentary enemies on the side. Dangerous flirtations don't keep Peyton from a gamble that will risk far more than she planned to bet. And when Courtney and the sisters' archenemy, Madison, uncover two explosive secrets, it will rock even this town of glittering illusion—and turn their lives upside down all over again.

Sisterhood, first crushes, and scandalous secrets explode in book two of Michelle Madow's riveting series, The Secret Diamond Sisters. 

Happy reading!

Blog Tour: Soul Crossed by Lisa Gail Green! Author Interview & Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday!

I'm so happy to to be apart of this awesome blog tour for Lisa Green's newest book, Soul Crossed! Don't forget to enter the giveaway below!

Title: Soul Crossed (Of Demons and Angels Book #1)
Author: Lisa Gail Green
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal
Release Date: February 25th, 2015
Publisher:  Full Fathom Five Digital

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"A wickedly romantic story that will have you cheering for Lisa Gail Green’s addictive storytelling. SOUL CROSSED is devilishly delicious!" — Martina Boone, author of COMPULSION and the Heirs of Watson Island trilogy

"Soul Crossed blurs the lines between good and evil with addictive characters and plot that will have you eagerly turning the pages." ~Kelly Hashway, author of the Touch of Death series.

One Demon.

One Angel.

One Soul.

Josh lived a reckless, selfish life, so upon his death, escaping the eternal torments of Hell by assuming the role of a powerful, soul-corrupting demon is an easy choice. His first soul assignment doesn’t seem too hard: the mortal Camden is already obsessed with weapons, pain, and torture. If only Josh wasn’t distracted by Cam's beautiful friend, Grace.

Grace never expected to die violently at age sixteen, but now she’s an Angel, responsible for saving a soul. She can already see past Camden’s earthly flaws, so the job should be be easy. If only that handsome, playboy Josh would stop getting in the way.

It’s forbidden for an Angel to be with a Demon, so if Josh and Grace stop resisting each other, the results would be disastrous.

And only one can claim Cam’s soul.

1. What was your inspiration behind writing this book?

I wanted to do a book about forbidden love, and what could be more innately forbidden than a demon and an angel? The idea grew from there. I wanted to show that Grace and Josh complete each other and that there are too many shades of grey in this world to make almost anything an absolute. 

I knew it was going to be tricky, despite avoiding religion as much as possible, but I wanted to make sure in my world it was about perception, belief, and choices and there was no simple answer to the ultimate questions. Frankly as soon as I started writing Josh and Grace took over and did what they wanted, which I know is hard to understand if you aren’t a writer! But hopefully that translates to them feeling just as real to you as they do to me.

2. Do you think Josh and Grace belong together?

Every relationship goes through ups and downs, but I wouldn’t be a good writer if I  didn’t do my best to put them through the worst. If they can stay in love after all I throw at them then YES! They deserve eternal love.

3. Did you have an “aha” moment when you came up with this story?

My biggest “aha” moment when writing Soul Crossed was during a very important scene in Josh’s apartment when Grace is ready to be with him. I had the book planned fairly well in my head but realized as I typed that the book was going to wrap up far too soon. I didn’t know what to do, so I thought, just keep going and you can revise later. 

Writers always revise so it wasn’t so crazy a thought. But what happened was Josh surprised me! He reacted in the opposite way I expected him to and it was perfect. Subconscious at work? Maybe. All I know is I love it when my characters surprise me because hopefully they do the same for you! Did I revise? Heck yeah. But that important moment stayed and still fit perfectly. Can you guess what it was? 

Lisa Gail Green lives with her husband the rocket scientist and their three junior mad scientists in Southern California. She writes books so she can have an excuse to live in the fantasy world in her head. She likes to share these with readers so she's represented by the lovely Melissa Nasson of Rubin Pfeffer Content. 

She has a parrot but would most definitely get a werewolf for a pet if she weren't allergic. Lisa loves YA. She believes with all her heart that teen readers are ready and willing to experience things that some adults have closed their minds to, that books are the safest way to explore, learn, and escape, and that imagination is the key to just about everything.

                                                         Connect with Lisa Gail Green!

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2015 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon: High Five Mini Challenge #5!

Happy Sunday!

I am here with another post for the Love-A-Thon event! This will be the fifth mini challenge, called High Five! Continue scrolling to read what my high fives are! :)

ALSO! I do have a Valentines Day bash featuring five amazing authors and they are giving away tons of books! I'm giving away a $15 Amazon GC! It ends in a few days so hurry and enter!

This god, I want to re-read it and never stop! And no, it's not a book about Peter Pan and the girl falling in love. ;)
Why is there a boy who doesn’t want to grow up?

How can an apple start the sweetest romance in fairytale history?

And what does a ruthless pirate have to do with it all?

Although Angelina McFarland loves reading fairytales, she never dreamed of falling right into one herself. But that’s exactly what happens when she slips on her balcony and a flying Peter Pan catches her mid-fall.

Anything to do with romance! I am a huge sucker for contemporary romance or paranormal romance. :)

I don't have one favorite authors. I have many! Ally Carter, Courtney Cole, Colleen Hoover, Anna Katmore, Marni Bates, Beth Revis, and Carol Higgins Clark.

Oh gosh! There are so many bloggers/blogs that I love! A few blogs that I love would be The Hardcover Lover, The Books Buzz, Books Equal Awesomeness and The Daily Prophecy. I've talked to so many bloggers, including the owners of the one's I've mentioned and they've all been nothing but kind! :)

I think bookmarks and cover plates would be my favorite bookish merchandise! I have tons of bookmarks and only a few bookplates. A few of them are which my mom designed for some authors which is pretty wicked! For a bookish site, it would definitely be...

Who doesn't love those amazing sells they have?! 

So there you have it! Five things that make me want to high five someone. ;) What are your high fives? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to post your links to this challenge! 

Happy reading!

2015 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon: Book Snapshots Mini Challenge #4!

Happy Sunday!

Today has been such a warm, relaxing day. I'm going to get a little writing and reading time in, finish up this awesome event and then for tonight, eat some fish and Mac & Cheese! Sounds absolutely delicious!

I was very excited to see this challenge in the schedule, and I managed to take a few shots of my favorite books, bookshelves, and where I work! Let's take a look, shall we?

This is where all my ideas come to life! Yes...I do have a minion and a penguin. So what? It's cute!

I picked up the little bunny last Easter because I thought it was so cute! It actually lights up in all sorts of  colors which I love.

The blue doll is a dolphin. I received it as a gift from someone and I thought it would be cute on the books.

Last but not least, I have Noah the Frog. Yes, I named him Noah. ;$

A few weekends ago, my dad and I spent about an hour and a half making two bookshelves for my desk. 

I had asked if he had any ideas to help me organize the books and he came up with that idea. (Thank you, Dad! :D ) 

This bookshelf is for my big books and the top has about three big ones and four small ones.

(Just casually ignore my computer wires, haha!) 

Above my books is where I keep all of my bookmarks, and my rack cards. 

This bookshelf is mainly for my small books. They are lined in from bigger to smaller. 

As you can tell, I''m a huge Nora Robert's fan! ;)

Doesn't this picture look so pretty? I'm definitely thinking about making a Book-Stagram. (Instagram)

I can't stop staring at it, it's so pretty!

I've always loved the story of Alice in Wonderland, and receiving the book for my birthday made me such a happy girl! I loved reading it and re-reading it. It's just a book that captivates you, you know? 

I also love Sunburn by R.L.Stine! I couldn't put that book down and finished it in less than 45 minutes. 

I'm hoping to collect the rest of the books from the Fear Street series. 

I love reading mermaid books or anything with Greek Mythology so I had to pick this one up at the library! Mermaids and a kickass rack card..what more can you ask for? ;)

Now these two books have to be my favorite ones in my bookshelf. Anyone who loves contemporary, humorous books need to pick these two up!

The first book in the Gallagher Girl series is something girls of any age will love.

Awkward is exactly what it means. It's awkward and will make you laugh and grimace at the same time!

So there you have it! A look into where I work and where I keep my lovely books! Let me know what you think in the comments below and feel free to link your posts to this challenge!

Happy reading!

2015 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon: Only One Can Quote Mini Challenge #3!

Happy Saturday!

I am here with another Love-A-Thon mini challenge! This challenge seems like a fun one because I am always saving quotes or adding them to my favorites on goodreads. Here are my top four favorite quotes about love and friendship!

ALSO! I do have a Valentines Day bash featuring five amazing authors and they are giving away tons of books! I'm giving away a $15 Amazon GC! It ends in a few days so hurry and enter!

                                                         CLICK HERE TO ENTER!

You can read my review for Play of Light HERE!

So there you have it! Four of my absolute favorite quotes! What are your favorite quotes? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to leave the links to your posts for this challenge below! 

Happy reading!

2015 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon: Bookish Valentines Mini Challenge #2!

Happy Saturday!

It's finally the weekend for me! Gonna get myself all comfy after dinner, stream my MockingJay Part 1, and get myself a bowl of delicious butterscotch popcorn. Tonight is gonna be good!

Even though Valentines Day was a week ago, this event will be celebrating it bookish style!I'm very excited to do this challenge! Had no idea what I was going to do first but then I came up with a cool idea. Hope you enjoy! :)

ALSO! I do have a Valentines Day bash featuring five amazing authors and they are giving away tons of books! I'm giving away a $15 Amazon GC! It ends in a few days so hurry and enter!

To: Dare DuBray in the Nocte Trilogy

Now there is a reason why Dare DuBray I choose Dare? Because he's simply a book god. There, I said it. He is a book god. He's got the hot as all eff British accent, he's charming, and he's got a tattoo. Need I say more? 

To: Zachary Goode in The Gallagher Girl Series

Where are boys like Zachary Goode? He's is simply out of this world! 

Everything about him draws any girl in. Caring, smart, handsome, and a witty sense of humor. I don't know about you guys, but I like it when a guy can have that sense of sarcasm and what not. 

To: Captain Hook/Jamie in the Neverland Series

Oh sure do know how to make a girl smile. ;)

When I picked this book up, I had no clue it was going to be Captain Hook that the main character fell in love with. (I didn't read the blurb). But guess what? I fell in love with him too!

To: Carson Ortiz from Don't Look Back

Wait. What are we doing again? Sorry, I was staring at Carson again. ;) 

I absolutely loved Don't Look Back by Jennifer Armentrout and I would not mind it if she made another book in the series, heck, a book about him! Me like. ;) 

So there you have it! My bookish valentines! Who are your bookish valentines? Let me know in the comments below with the links to your challenge post!

Happy reading!

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