Dec 9, 2014

Sassy's X-Mas Bash - Ruth Silver! Interview & Giveaway!

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Title: Dead Girl Walking
Author: Ruth Silver
Genre: Young Adult, Romance
Release Date: April 27th, 2014
Publisher:  Patchwork Press

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Forget everything you know about grim reapers. Princess Ophelia Dacre sneaks out of the castle to visit her boyfriend in secret. A perfect night cut short when she's brutally murdered. Ophelia is given the rare chance to become a grim reaper.

She must become Leila Bele, cut ties with her old life, and follow the rules of the reapers. Her greatest adventure begins with death. Recommended: Ages 14+

#1. What is the most important thing you have learned since becoming an author? 

Social media is an important aspect of being an author. It’s not just about posting about your book but making connections with other authors, bloggers, and readers.

#2. What is the hardest thing to write about for you?

The hardest thing to write for me is Contemporary fiction. I started a YA Contemporary novel and I want it to go in a direction I’m not ready to write. Killing off main characters isn’t an easy task, especially when you’re fond of HEA (Happily Ever After).

#3. Do you have a specific place you like to write? Inside, on a couch, near a pool, etc.

I typically have my feet up on the recliner and spend all day writing. Sometimes I’ll also write for an hour before bed. It’s a good way for me to relax and it’s quiet, which helps too!

#4. What is your favorite thing about the holidays?
Spending time with my family.

#5. If you had an author superpower what would that be and why?
Tough one! Often I’ll have an idea for a novel and part of it outlined, but finding the time to write it can be difficult, especially if I’m working on another book. So, I’d love to have an author superpower that  lets me manipulate time. 

#6. Do you have any upcoming projects you want your readers to know about?

Dead Girl Walking (Royal Reaper) and Orenda are both being rereleased by Booktrope. This is exciting especially for Dead Girl Walking, which will contain a bonus prequel Ashes to Ashes included in the eBook and paperback!

As for new projects, I’m currently writing the second book in the Royal Reaper series, Forget Me Not.

Ruth Silver first began writing poetry as a teenager and reading heaps of fan fiction in her free time. She has written under three unique pseudo names and penned well over a hundred stories. She attended Northern Illinois University in 2001 and graduated with a Bachelor's in Communication. 

While in college she spent much of her free time writing with friends she met online and penning her first novel, "Deuces are Wild", which she self-published in 2004. Her favorite class was Creative Writing senior year where she often handed in assignments longer than the professor required because she loved to write and always wanted to finish her stories. 

 Her love of writing, led her on an adventure in 2007 to Melbourne, Australia. Silver enjoys reading YA novels and sharing her favorite books with other readers. She runs her own book blog and also enjoys photography and traveling. Her favorite YA genre is a mix of Dystopian & Fantasy which is evident in the upcoming release of her latest book, Aberrant. Slated for release April 2013 by Lazy Day Publishing, it is the first in a trilogy.

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