Let's Talk TV! - Non Bookish Topic Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

It's that wonderful day again when I know that Chicago Fire is out and I get to relax for a little bit. So, for Tuesday, I thought what better topic to talk about than tv?

When I was younger, we used to have this huge TV in the living room, and every day I would put on Dragon Tales. I loved watching that show, and I got satisfaction knowing that my brothers hated it! Now, my family and I watch TV on our computers. Here are just some of the shows that I love watching!

One of my absolute favorite tv shows would have to be Chicago Fire. Chicago Fire is a look into the lives of firefighters and paramedics. The spin off, is Chicago PD and the cast regularly go back and forth on the shows, which in my opinion, is awesome.  The spin off, Chicago PD, is also one of my favorites. I love seeing the action packed shows with either cops or firefighters. Also, the eye candy is great. ;) 

Another one of my favorite shows would be The Walking Dead. Now, I know some girls can't handle the gory stuff, but for me, the suspense and the thrill of the show..I love it. I love sitting at the edge of my seat wondering who is going to die, who is going to live, and who is going to join the group. 

Pretty Little Liars would also be on my top ten favorites. I read the first book in the series earlier and I didn't really like it. But for the show, it's one of my favorites. I always get excited to watch a new episode and I am especially excited to watch the Christmas episode. 

What about you guys? What is your favorite TV show? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Happy reading!

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