Happy Thanksgiving from Sassy & Dangerous! + Grateful Blogger Tag!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, time really has flown by fast! The turkey is already in the over and later on the stuffing, Moros y Crustianos, biscuits and cheesecake will be put to cook! We just finished watching a few Christmas movies, even though today is Thanksgiving and I suggested we watch Free Birds. But noooo, everyone wanted Christmas movies.

Today is the day we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the US. Thanksgiving is a day of appreciation for everything in our lives and for me, that would be my family, and you, my readers.

                      Even though I wasn't nominated, I thought why not just do it for fun? So, here goes!

                                                              Things I'm Grateful For...

#1.  My family! My family has done nothing but support me and for that, I am thankful.

#2. I am grateful for the education I have and the roof over my head. When we moved, it wasn't how we expected it to go. But I am definitely thankful for how it turned out. My education is important to me and my family and to be a successful woman, I need an education.

#3. I am grateful for my blog and my supporters. Without you guys and your continious support, there would be nothing, so thank you!  I am also grateful for the authors and publishers that put their trust in me to promote their book or their clients books. I love blogging and it truly has been amazing!

#4. I am grateful for books and authors! I have been in love with books ever since I could read, and I will never stop being grateful for them!

#5. The chance to take martial arts classes. My parents go through a lot to make sure once I go off to college that I am able to defend myself and for that, I am thankful.

What about you guys? What are you thankful for this year? Let me know in the comments below! 

May all your wishes come true, and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Keep on reading!

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