Nov 23, 2014

Fearless Joe Dearborne by Lisa Whitney Mitchell |Review|

Happy Sunday!

My day has been relaxing for the most part. My brother and I checked the Christmas lights for the balcony and the tree lights just to make sure they're working. Last year, we bought a real Christmas tree for the first time. It was fun having the smell of a pine tree in the house, but, living in a tropical area..what do you think will happen? It started  to look brown after a little while, even though we watered it every day.

The good thing was, after a certain date (I can't quite remember what day it was), the people we bought it from came to take the tree back and plant it back into the forest. I just hope it's doing better now!

Our new Christmas tree is going to be a fake one. I really don't mind if we have a fake tree. We've had a fake Christmas tree for years now so we are used to it. My family and I really didn't like seeing a brown, dying tree..and to be honest, who would?

We ordered the tree just yesterday and it will be here around December 4th. I am so excited to start decorating it! What about you guys? When do you usually decorate for Christmas?

On Saturday,  I finished up this book and I could not put it down! I didn't expect to be so into it and I'm glad I had the chance to read it.

Continue to read my review. Don't forget to leave your thoughts below! ;)

Title: Fearless Joe Dearborne
Author: Lisa Whitney Mitchell
Genre: Children's, Adventure
Release Date: July 11, 2014
Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing
My Rating: 5 stars
Some might say he’s courageous, while others would say he’s daring, maybe even a little crazy. But when Joe Dearborne risked his life and ran into a burning building to save a puppy, the local newspaper referred to him as “fearless”—and that’s a pretty big title for a sixth-grader to live up to.

Plus, Joe already has plenty else to worry about. After other daring feats in the past, Joe promised his father he wouldn’t do anything dangerous again, and, alas, he’s just broken that promise.

But whatever trouble he expects to get into with his father, and despite the dangers he’s triumphed over in the past, nothing could prepare Joe for what he’s about to encounter when a cold, bitterness creeps into his home.

A mysterious and peculiar woman named Mrs. Chill has just been hired to care for Joe while his father is away on business. In no time, however, Joe discovers that she’s up to more than cooking and cleaning, and she has plans to destroy his family. Joe’s effort to save them results in perilous, sometimes humorous, encounters, and leads him on a journey through the threatening wilderness where he faces his greatest challenge yet.

Signing up to review this book, I was a little skeptical. I didn't want it to be one of those books that had a brat kid as the main character. But, boy, I was dead wrong!  The author developed such characters and plot that I couldn't put it down..even for sleep! One of my favorite things about the book was how at the beginning of every chapter, it defined a certain word for what would happen in that specific chapter. This book was a quick, easy read and I hope other young readers will enjoy this adventure filled novel. 

Joe:  Like everyone else, I thought Joe was fearless. He was a brave kid and I admired that. Even though some of his choices were not the brightest, his heart was in the right place. I enjoyed reading about him and I felt like I was there on the sidelines, watching creepy as that sounds! 

After his father left for business and he was left with Mrs. Chill, I kept screaming in my head for him to not make some of the choices he made. I found Joe to be very likable and I truly enjoyed him. 

Mrs. Chill: I'm gonna be honest with you..even though this chick was bonkers, she was entertaining to read about. I kept thinking what a crazy lady she was! To me, her eating garlic just added to her bucket of craziness. I know if I was Joe, I'd be dumping some damn holy water on her and saying some crazy Latin words. Overall, she was a weird character that I enjoyed reading about as well. 

Let me know what you think of the review and the book itself if you've read it! 

Happy reading!

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