BookBlogWrimo Day 6 - #TBT – Favorite Childhood Books

Happy Thursday!

There was a beautiful cruise ship here and it just left! I enjoyed the seeing the pretty blue lights and I hope another one comes by soon!

Today..has been somewhat of a good day. I got a 96% on my math test and I am mother effin proud of that! I handled that ish like a boss. I might have panicked a bit, but nonetheless, I kicked ass!

Now, off to today's topic. ;)

When I read this prompt, I pretty excited to write about this. I had a lot of books that I loved to read or have read to me. Being home schooled, I had a lot of kids books from school in my grasp. I would just take one from the bookshelf and I would start to read. 

Sometimes, I would read the ones my parents gave me for Christmas or my birthday. One of my absolute favorite books that I got was, 365 Bedtime Stories by Disney. 

I loved taking it out, climbing into bed and reading this to myself. Sometimes my mom would read it for me and sometimes I would read it to my sister. I think my favorite stories would be everything of Lilo & Stich and Beauty and the Beast.  

I also had two other books that I loved to read and they were Alice in Wonderland and Rebecca of Sunnybroke Farm.

Being someone with a huge imagination, I enjoyed reading Alice in Wonderland. I felt as if I was Alice herself, traveling into an unknown magical world. With Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, it was quite enjoyable for me. I also felt like Rebecca because she had a sense of adventure, as do I.

What about you guys?  What are you favorite childhood books? Let me know in the comments below! 

Happy reading!


  1. Aw, it's a shame because I haven't read any of these :( I have the complete collection of Alice in Wonderland on my shelf, and I can't wait to get to that one though!

  2. Aw, you definitely should. Very cute reads. :) I hope you end up enjoying Alice in Wonderland!


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