BookBlogWrimo Day 5 - Where I Blog!

Happy Wednesday!

It's been quite chilly here for the past couple of days which means time to bring out those beautiful Christmas sweaters! Note the sarcasm..;)

Currently, I have four books that I need to read and review by a certain date so for the holidays I'll be a bit busy reading and finishing up this BookBlogWrimo challenge. Trust me, it's quite a challenge.

My sister and I are in a blood battle between my two brothers because of who has Thanksgiving dishes. My brother intentionally left a few dirty dishes after washing tonight's dinner dishes. You see, we have a rule. Whoever doesn't clean dishes right, get's it the next day. That means our entire schedule is switched and my sister and I get Thanksgiving dishes AND Christmas dishes. I am going to strangle that boy in his sleep...

I blog everywhere. Whether it be on notebook or my computer. I always have to carry a notebook in my bag wherever I go. I'm glad my bag is a good sized one other wise my notebook wouldn't fit! When I want to be alone or just get off of my computer, I take my blogging notebook and write in either my room, outside, or near the window. I always get ideas while watching the traffic or just letting my eyes wander. 

If I don't feel like writing on my notebook or if I have to do a book blitz or some other thing, I use my PC. I don't have a photo now, but one will be on the way tomorrow! :) 

I apologize this was a short post. I've been doing a lot of things, but I still wanted to post something for today, even though it was short.

But what about you guys? Where do you like to blog? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy reading!


  1. I had never thought of using a notebook before but that really is a good idea. I tend to blog in my room but I get ideas all over, especially at work.

  2. I like the idea of blogging anywhere! I usually do it in my bedroom on my laptop, but when I am reading a book to review I always have pieces of paper and write notes, and that can be done anywhere! Yes, lots of pieces of paper because I like that instead of notebooks for some reason :P


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