BookBlogWrimo Day 30 - It's a Wrap!

Happy Sunday!

                                                     Holy bean burritos! I DID it! 

When I first came across this challenge, I thought it would be fun, but I didn't think I could pull it off. I thought I would have to have all the post pre-written in case I couldn't write them all up in time.

Either way, I still signed up to participate. I wrote about three posts before they were due, but after that, the night my posts were supposed to be up and published, I would just take 10-15 minutes to write it. Some days I would be late, but, I still managed to whip up a quick post.

I participated because being a writer/blogger, I wanted a challenge. A few years back, I joined in on NaNoWrimo, but this year, with my blog and school, I couldn't pull of writing an entire novel. So, why not participate in something that involves my book blog?

I also wanted to be able to write things for my blog, and this was the whole purpose for the BookBlogWrimo challenge.

I enjoyed doing this challenge and if the host ever decides to do another one or something similar, I will probably decide to join!

What about you guys? Did you enjoy reading my BookBlogWrimo posts? Will you participate next year? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Also, starting tomorrow, it will be the first day of Sassy's X-Mas Bash! 12 lovely authors will be participating in this bash, 12 lovely giveaways will be posted and I hope to see you there!

Happy reading!

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