BookBlogWrimo Day 3 - Where I Read!

Happy Monday!

When it's Monday, I usually say to be happy and always be positive. Today the positivity has ended. It is raining and I can't make cupcakes today because I don't have some of the ingredients. Just effin' great. 

One of my favorite places to read would have to be on my bed, with my Kindle or whatever print book I haven't read yet. I sometimes sit on the balcony in the chair and just enjoy the wind across my face as I flip through the pages. The sight is also quite nice, especially at night and the cruise ships lights are on. 

I also like to read while I'm out and about which can be bad sometimes seeing as though I need to pay attention more while I'm out. 

Weird thing is, when I read YA romance, I like to read outside, enjoy the nice cool wind, watch the traffic sometimes, but if it's a mystery or thriller, I prefer to be in my room, and just scroll or flip through the pages as my mind runs wild with excitement and suspense. I know, I'm weird..

I also prefer silence. But, being in a house with three other siblings, and a cat that thinks he's the king, it's quite hard. 

What about you guys? Where do you like to read? Let me know in the comments below! :) 

Happy reading!


  1. I definitely prefer to read in bed once all the lights save for my book light have been shut off. Winter s the best season for reading because the covers are so warm and comfy.

    1. It definitely is a nice feeling to have only your reading light on or the light to your Kindle. :) Haha, exactly! Snuggle up inside the blankets with some hot coco!

  2. Lacey: Yes! It's so warm - I could read forever!

    Haha I have a cat who thinks she's the queen! I'm the same with mystery and suspense. I also hate to be interuppted when I read that genre. Like once, I was reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and my wonderful mother kept bugging me to go do this or do that and I kept telling her 'just let me finish the chapter!'. But it just wasn't meant to be...

    Here's mine!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  3. I like silence when I read as well, but I end up blocking out any noise anyway. I also love to read in and on my bed <3 But we have a swingset chair outside and sometimes I read on that in the early mornings ^^


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