Nov 26, 2014

BookBlogWrimo Day 25 - How I Deal with Book Hangovers!

Happy Wednesday!

Here I am again catching up on again on this challenge! Even though some days I might be a little late, I don't feel right just giving up on it, you know?

Today was some what relaxing. My legs and feet have been busy all day, walking around, exercising, standing up and what not. I just finished covering the turkey in it's seasoning with my family and now it's ready to be cooked tomorrow! I will have pictures up later tomorrow!

Oh, I hate this. I hate when I am reading a good book or series, and then it ends; or I don't have the next book. There was this one time, I read a book that I was just so engrossed in I kept referring to the characters as real people. 

You just feel like you're in the book, like you are there with the characters, hell, you might even think you are the characters! 

A few things that I do to get over a book hangover would be to go onto Netflix and watch a favorite show of mine! 

Another thing would be to write a review and vent on how I felt about it. 

I could also lie in bed and wonder what I am doing with my life.. 

What about you guys? What do you do to get over a  book hangover? Let me know in the comments below! 

Happy reading!

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