BookBlogWrimo Day 13 - My Review Process!

Happy Thursday!

I feel as though I've lost all my energy today. I didn't feel up to anything. I just wanted to lay in bed and watch Netflix movies. And what makes it worse is that I have school tomorrow. I just want the weekend already!

Depending on the book I finished, if it was short, I will probably write the review and post it the same night. If it's a full length novel, I might take a day to write it and then the next day I post it. 

When I'm writing a review, I sometimes go to the Goodreads page of that book and I look at what other people are saying. It gives me a chance to let how I felt about the book run through my head. 

I do like to take notes when I have a book I am reviewing!  I take my notebook when I read and if I find something interesting about the character or something that I feel like I'm going to need to put into the review, I write that down or highlight it in my Kindle. 

My review process is quite easy. Now, I just need to get to reading some books!  What about you guys? What is your review process? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy reading!

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