BookBlogWrimo Day 12 - My Advice for Newbie Bloggers!

Happy Thursday!

I'm back! Be prepared for about two more posts! ;)

Being a newbie blogger myself, I don't have a lot advice. Here are just a few things I've picked up on the way. :) 

1. Appearance - You say you don't judge a book by it's cover. But you know and everyone else knows that you're lying. We all do it. The same with a blog. Your blog appearance matters. The font matters, the design, the sidebar, EVERYTHING. When I go to a blog, I don't want to have to squint to read the letters on a post. Sometimes, I come across blog that I have to right click and highlight because I can't even see them! Obviously, no one likes to have to do that. So, appearance is everything. 

2. Organization - If you prefer one sidebar or two, you need to keep them organized. No one likes a jumbled mess all over the place. 

3. Be yourself - I am myself when I blog. You don't want to follow the crowd. You want people to see that you can think for yourself and you can express your own thoughts. Not someone else's. It's your blog. Say what's on YOUR mind. 

Happy reading! 


  1. Yes appearance matters so much! I'm a newbie blogger too and when I was surfing around different blogs, I noticed how I loved reading simple blogs that didn't have a lot of fancy looking stuff on them. Just a banner, design on the back-background and a sidebar. Nice tips! I focused on organization in my post:

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I definitely agree! Sometimes it doesn't have to be a fancy blog! :) Thanks for stopping by!


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