Sassy Tuesday - Finish the Story!

Happy Tuesday!

It's been such a warm day today. I just love those days where the sun isn't so bright and about to make me blind, and where it warms my entire body. Even though it's already fall, it feels like it's still summer which is weird.

In Wal-Mart and Sam's they already have Christmas decorations up! They need to focus on all the good stuff. Like Halloween candy! It's been years since I've had some candy corn. A girl needs her candy corn!

Since today is Tuesday and every Tuesday I try to write about non book related things, I have a fun little thing for anyone who likes to write or let their imagination flow!

Last night, I wrote a writing prompt, and then it turned into a really really short story idea. I'm going to be submitting this for a contest and I'm pretty excited. I hope you like it and feel free to leave a comment below letting me know what you think! :)

Despite the blindfold, she knew exactly where she was. She struggled against the band wrapped tightly around her wrists. She could feel his large hand on her arm just above her elbow, guiding her along the rocky path.

“Why are you doing this?” Her voice was hoarse, throbbing from her earlier screams. He tugged at her arm roughly, almost making her fall.

“Shut your mouth and keep walking.” His thick Russian accent made her entire body shiver. What was he going to do with her?  she thought  as her mind raced with countless things. 

They continued to walk along on the uneven path, not long before coming to a halt. The man yanked off the blindfold and pushed her in front of him. She squinted her eyes as she tried to adjust to the glaring sun.

She could smell the pine trees, and hear the water rushing from a small river that was just behind the log cabin. She recognized the small cabin just a few feet in front of her. She and her friends used to sneak out into the woods and hang out there for hours.

Slowly, she wiggled her bound hands as her eyes darted back and forth, thinking of which way to escape.

She heard the man behind her fumble with the keys, trying to find the right one. She turned her head slightly, finally able to see what he looked like.

His black hair fell over his forehead, nearly hiding his dark green eyes.  His shoulders were broad, and his arms were twice the size of her. A scar lay across his left cheek and a bubbling sense of curiosity built up in her.

He glanced up from the keys and his eyes narrowed. They both came to a stop in front of the wooden door of the cabin.

She watched as he walked in front of her, placing the key in the lock and twisting it ever so slightly. He looked back at her, and nodded his head at the door.

“Get in.”

She took a step back and before she could even make a run for it, he grabbed her arm and yanked her inside, making her fall flat on her stomach. She groaned in pain as she landed, and she twisted onto her back as she looked up at the man.

“That is no way to treat our guest, Viktor. Are you alright deary?” Another man’s voice made her jump in fear. It was a high pitched voice that she knew all too well. She turned her head and saw that he was standing by a window near the kitchen.

 Her rage held all the power of a wildfire. “What do you want with me?” 

Leave a comment below letting me know your how you would like it to end. ;) I've already figured out how it's going to end, but I want to hear your thoughts. By the way, this story IS copyrighted, so don't you get any ideas! I will find you...

Happy reading! 


  1. Wow! I guess I'd say the 2nd man tells her something, and she believes him. But he is lying, and they drag her off and take her for whatever they want to do with her. :D

    1. Haha, that sounds like an interesting one! I thought why not bring a hottie of a hero into it and to save her? ;) Thanks for stopping by!


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