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Happy Saturday!

Today has been such a relaxing day. I finally watched last weeks episodes to Revenge and Once Upon a Time.

When I watched Revenge, I was glad I wasn't drinking anything because I would have spit it all out! I'm pretty excited to see what happens in tomorrow's episode!

When I watched Once Upon a Time, I wasn't as interested in it as I used to be. I felt like the actors were trying too hard, especially Hook. In the last few episodes, I liked his acting and everyone else's, but with this episode, all I could think was, "What the heck has gotten into him?" Hopefully tomorrow's episode will be better.

And I even got some designing done on Photoshop today which I'm pretty proud of. *happy dance* Now I just need to organize my computer files and clean my desk of cat hair. Oh, the pains of having a cat..

Also, few days ago I finished reading Phantom's Dance and I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review. So let's begin, shall we?

Title: Phantom's Dance
Author: Lesa Howard
Genre: Young Adult, Romance
Release Date: April 6th, 2014
Publisher:  Boot in the Door Publications
My Rating: 5 stars
Christine Dadeys's family uprooted their lives and moved to Houston for her to attend the prestigious Rousseau Academy of Dance. Now, two years later, Christine struggles to compete among the Academy’s finest dancers, her parents are on the brink of divorce, and she’s told no one about her debilitating performance anxiety and what she’s willing to do to cope with it.

Erik was a ballet prodigy, a savant, destined to be a star on the world’s stage, but a suspicious fire left Erik’s face horribly disfigured. Now, a lonely phantom forced to keep his scars hidden, he spends his nights haunting the theater halls, mourning all he’s lost. Then, from behind the curtain he sees the lovely Christine. The moldable, malleable Christine.

Drawn in by Erik’s unwavering confidence, Christine allows herself to believe Erik’s declarations that he can transform her into the dancer she longs to be. But Christine’s hope of achieving her dreams may be her undoing when she learns Erik is not everything he claims. And before long, Erik’s shadowy past jeopardizes Christine’s unstable present as his obsession with her becomes hopelessly entangled with his plans for revenge.

When I first came across Phantom's Dance, I was intrigued. I dove into the book with excitement and I came out of it with awe. I found the characters to be beautifully written and I loved the fast paced plot, which was full of suspense, and sometimes even terror. The suspense had me ripping through the pages to find out what happened.

The author created a beautifully written modern day retelling of The Phantom of the Opera, and I loved it.

Christine: I truly enjoyed Christine's character, but she was very naive and trusted way too much, which put her in bad situations. I did love that she was dedicated to her dancing, and that she was sweet to everyone she came across. Even to Erik, and that's where the naive part comes in.

The only thing I disliked about this character was how she reacted to things, mostly the ones happening with Erik. Erik had done something terrible to her, and at first, she was heartbroken but in just a few days, it seems as if she got over it.

"I trusted you with the one thing that meant most to me," I said. "My dancing. It's always been about dancing for me." 

I had to re-read this sentence twice just to comprehend it. Didn't this creep take something else IMPORTANT from you?! How can you simply shrug something off like that? 

Other than that mind boggling part, I enjoyed Christine's character. 

Raoul: First, can I just say how much I love this name? It's like hotness flows from that name. Alright, I'm done with that little rant..

When Christine was told she would be teaching high school footballers how to dance, I just knew that Raoul would be one of them. It was cliche, but sweet nonetheless.

I loved how he was with Christine and how much he cared for her. I was, however, disappointed that Raoul wasn't in the story as much. His relationship between Christine was sweet, but there wasn't much for me to cling to. 

Overall, I loved Raoul, and I wish there had been more of him. 

Erik: When Erik came into the picture, I wanted to know more about him. Let's just say..I got more than I bargained for! In the beginning we see Erik as someone who wants to help Christine with her dancing.  But getting further into the book, his madness is revealed and it is pure horror.

Erik tells Christine that his face was burned in a fire, while trying to save his mother. Fearing he might scare her away with his features, he wears a mask every time they meet. He creates all these lies to impress her and make him seem like he's a professional, and Christine believes it all and she trusts him.

The author portrayed Erik as a mad man, wanting nothing but revenge and to take his hate out on others, and even though the things he did were terrible, I couldn't tear my eyes away.

I found him to be a great part of the story and I loved the ending which had a great touch of mystery/suspense.

Phantom's Dance was a quick, easy read and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the arts, suspense, and a sweet touch of romance.

What do you think guys? Would you let someone teach you how to dance, even if that means you can't see them? Let me know in the comments below!

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Happy reading!


  1. Ooh I like the sound of this book! The cover is brilliant! I like the idea of a plot that has twists and keeps me intrigued and the character sound pretty cool. Love that minion gif <3

    Also, I have watched up till the end of season 2 of Once Upon a Time and look forward to seeing more. It's a shame that it doesn't maintain the same quality of acting as always, though.

    1. The cover is pretty, isn't it? :) I'd have to agree with you on that one! I love a good plot that will have my head spinning in anticipation sometimes! Oooh, you need to watch more of it! It's getting pretty interesting! ;)


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