Liebster Award #3-4

Happy Sunday!

Oooh, so today has been a calm day so far, which is surprising because it's a four day weekend down here. Mexican Independence Day starts on Tuesday so I'm pretty sure lots of people are going to be out and celebrating!  and lots of college kids and families go to the beach or the pool.

I recently got nominated for two other Liebster Awards! I'd like to thank Neha and Katerina  for nominating me!

The rules are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominates you.
2. Answer the 11 questions she/he asks of you.
3. List 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
5. Ask these 11 bloggers 11 questions of your own.
6. Let them know you have mentioned them.

So let's get started, shall we? :)

                                                                   Neha's Questions

1. Which is that one amazing book you read that changed your perspective towards everything dramatically?

Oh dear god. I hoped no one would ask me that.. I haven't read a book that changed my perspective on everything.. wait a minute. Yup, I think I have one. Sunburn by R.L. Stine. I've learned not to trust an old camp buddy..

2. Who are your favourite booktubers/bookbloggers?

I have one favorite booktuber and her name is Kassidy Voinche. Oooohh, book bloggers..that's a tough one. A few favorites are Reading Teen, Follow the Yellow Book Road, and The Bookwhore Diaries.

3. Name that one book you hated so much you threw it against the wall and wanted to burn every last page.

The Fault in Our Stars. But then I would have no Ipod, so I just settle with the delete button.

4. Your favorite author of all time?

It would have to Ally Carter, author of the Gallagher Girls series and Heist Society series.

5. Three books you were forced into reading?

I've never been forced to read books. There was one book that I had to read for a book report back in fourth grade, and it was about Billy Sunday. I couldn't pick another pick book because the school had said it had to be a biography. Let's just say, there were a few pages I didn't even read..

6. The most amazing book cover you've ever seen?

It would have to be Embers by Karen Ann Hopkins. It's so freakin pretty! You can check the cover out on my earlier blog post of Keen Cover Friday, here.

7. A mainstream book that you disliked?

I don't really have a mainstream book that I disliked, to be honest.

8. A less popular book you loved?

I really liked the book Confessions of a Small-Town Girl by Christine Flynn. It was a sweet romance book and I'm glad I picked it up at the library. :)

9. Your OTP?

I'm going to be honest, I had to look up what that meant.. I think I would say Zach and Cammie from Gallagher Girls.

10. Team Gale or Team Peeta?

I would have to choose Gale...and then I would meet Thor. Holy burritos, perfect plan ever. Pat yourself on the back girl..

10. Team Ky or Team Xander?
I have no idea who those are. Although Xander is a hot name..

10. Team Percy or Team Jason?

I think you're talking about Percy Jackson? Please tell me I'm right? If I'm not, then I also have no idea who those two are. *facepalm*

11. Post a link to your Goodreads Favourites Shelf!

I need to put more of my favorites on there. I've got like 50 other books that are my favorites. Click here for the link!

                                                               Katerina's Questions

If you could pick any book boyfriend to go out on a dinner date with who would you go with and where would he take you?

It would have to be Sam MacInnes from Confessions of a Small-Town Girl, and for a dinner date..I think I would have to say a casual place with good pizza!

2. If you could pick one country in the world to visit where would it be?

England! Bring on the British boys!

3. What is the one thing that frustrates you when it comes to writing a book review?

Writing my opinion on the characters. Especially if there are so many. *pulls hair*

4. If you could only save 2 books from a burning house which ones would they be?

Oh my god, no. How dare you ask a book lover that question!

5. If you were stuck on an Island what survival tool would you choose: rope, lint, or string?

I don't know how I would use a tiny string or lint, so I'm going to say rope. :)

6. What is one piece of advice you would give to a beginning book blogger?

JUST WRITE! What, you think the rest of us have a game plan? We just making it up as we go along!

7. What is your favorite desert?

I love me some chocolate ice cream!

8.  What is one book you would love to receive as an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC)?

Oh. I think it would have to be..either Talon or Famous Last Words.

9. How many books are on your TBR list as of right now?

I have 431 :) I'm pretty sure I'll hit 600 by the end of this month.

10. If you could have any kind of pet what would it be?

A minion! Do you know how freakin awesome that would be?

11. What series or book have you read that you would like to see become a movie?

Either the Gallagher series or, Confessions of a Small-Town Girl.

Thanks again Neha and Katerina for nominating me! Since I've done this three times already, I'm not going to be nominating other people because it is hard to find new book bloggers under 200 followers. If you want to see my previous nominations, check out my other Liebster Award post. :)

Happy reading!

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